Last week at st gabs xx😒

Hey guys 

It’s my last week at st gabs and I know it’s going to be hard but yeah ..

I need to just not be sad I need to be happy to everyone and just have a good time it’s going to be hard to though cause all i can think of is me leaving I don’t want to though !!😒.

Moving school though is life it just like if you lose someone in your family – it’s life you can’t stop it’s from happening ….

But ….. 

I want a last week to remember with no drama if we can xx πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’ 

My parented don’t even know how I feel xx😒😒😭😭😭 but I can’t tell them xx😒 

Ok by guys xx 



What now I really don’t know ?? πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

Hi guys xx. How are you guys – how’s life mine is crap I really do feel like there is no point of trying or even talking but worst of all breathing😭😭

There’s to much on my plate and I can’t deal with !!😭😭

I’ve had a lot of melt downs this week like in sport on Wednesday I cryed and got really angry I had to leave the lesson half way through beacause I could not stop crying 😒😒😭😭

Next melt down was today – I have a melt down in Ict I don’t know why just I had two much to think about I thought I was all dumb and stuff so I just broke down !!😒😒😒😭 

Truthly i feel crap I really do I just go on like this … I can’t do anything right and it hurts – I don’t want to talk to anyone about it – but like some teachers have been emailing me and talking to me well trying to ..I emailed my pe teachers to say sorry for crying and she replied and she said – molly I hope you are ok if you ever need to talk you can come to me and lodes of teachers have said that – I hate my self so much – I can’t even let anyone help me 

At home I feel all depressed as well – I am sick of it no one likes me for me and I can’t do anything I feel worthless and it’s really affecting me – by breaking down !!😒😒😒😭

I wish people would just hug me and say I know you are not okay ..!! And I wish people would just understand me !! I have no one to trust no even my parents , but I do have my some of my teachers well kinda 

My pe teacher she is being really nice to me about this .

But all my form tutor wants from me is to talk and I don’t want to do that !! I really don’t want to talk to anyone about this !! 

Love you guys xx 

Tomz I am going to Stratford. To vist my boyfriend !! ❀️ Hopefully ..?? 

I really don’t know if I should carry on doing these blogs no one lookes at them or even reads them or likes them ?? 




People don’t think about my feelings they just think it is funny 😒

Hey guys today I am going to talk to you about some people in my life at school that make my life really miserable and we use to be  best friends but then we kept having these argument but we are getting better at not trying to be horrible – not me them I never do anything to them😒. 

But last week I had one of those bad days well well really – well at lunch time I got teased 3 times and it hurt a lot and one of the things that some of my friends do is pulling me shoe laces un done about 4 time and then hiding and laughing at that is from the people being mean that use to bully me 😒 

And today they had a word with with my form tutors but the anyoy ing thing is that. THE TEACHERS DO NOTHING – this is not the first time the people have done sometime ….❀️❀️😒😒 

 And I just want to say this that I don’t care if this people are on  this app it was prob help so they can see how I feel beacause I show myEmotions crying about Them and they laugh beaucase they think I am weak well everyone says that I weak ❀️❀️😒 

Ok thanks for listening to me xox 

Love you guys xx❀️❀️😒


ITS HARD .. Having a long distance Relationship with someone😘😒

Hey guys 

Molly here 

And today I am going to talk about having a long distance relationship with someone it could be a boy and. Girl , or girl and girl – that’s also fine- it could also be a boy and a boy – but today I am going to satu with my story which is I am girl and I am in a relationship with a boy called sam he is 14 year old and I am 12 so an age different a but that does not change anything we both know that ❀️ 

It been really hard to seeing him even though we saw each other 2 days ago but he lives a couple hour away from me – but you are in a realationship  a long distance then the good thing that makes you feel happy again is talking to them or even oovoo ing them I do that and I talk to him every day and it helps he says he misses me which breaks my heart but I just want to bring that up – your not alone if you are going through with this – but part from this my life is on track and also I moving school soon which I am scared about πŸ˜₯😘😒 but yh β€οΈπŸ˜”πŸ˜„

Hope I helped thx guys for listening ❀️😘 

Love you guys you are my rocks β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚

By xxx 

Molly xox ❀️😘


My new boyfriendΒ 

Hey guys it’s molly OVS πŸ˜‚β€οΈ 

I have to tell you sometime now I don’t want any haters beacause this is very personal – it all starts on holiday :…

So there was a boy called sam and he first sent me a note and said hi am sam i am 14 years old and  I was wondering how old you are – he put the note by my door and then I saw it  I was so shocked cause I was not expecting a note like anyone would not β€οΈπŸ˜‚ .

Then I decided to write back saying hi I am Molly and I am 12 years old – I would love to meet up sometime maybe the barbque or swimming. 

Then I ran over to his house ( he told me in the note where he lives and he give me his number so I also phoned him)  so I ran over to drop off the note and then soon after that he send back another note but this time I saw him run over to drop the note off…

Then …. 

The note said yes that would be great if we could meet up I am going swimming tonight if you are around ..

Then he decided to come over – instead of write something else  on a note .. And did not knock on my door ?? I  did not really know what to do so I step out side and said hi want to hang out ??

And. He said sure so it went on from there I will fast forward to when he asked my asked ……

So on Wednesday he texted me saying you want to go out with me .. I was so shocked I just did not expect a 14 year old ask a 12 year old girl out well I though he must be really into me – but I was not really sure I was ready .. But I said back on my phone sure -…. And then we kept hanging out and I would call them a date ( sorry this is my first every boyfriend 😘) 

Then last night – he said do you want to kiss  and I was like um sure ..?? And then he said I will go first so then he kissed me on yeh cheek .. And I do really love him and then I thought is this just going to be a  holiday romance and then  at the end of the week he will say goodbye and we would not be together .. But he said let’s be together after hoildays so I have a 14 year old boyfriend he said he does not care about how old I am he just loves me for who I am ❀️😘 

But today I had to leave him !!!😭😭😒 but we are seeing each other soon and we also are seeing him next year he is going back to Cornwall so we can be together 😘❀️ 

He misses me I miss him more – we love each other to bits ❀️❀️😒😒😍😍😍😘😘 but I will never FOGET that he kissed me and hold me in his hands he makes my feel amzing like I am on top of the world ❀️ I have never felt that before I am just sad that that feeling gone home not for long though see him soon – his name is sam ❀️ 


I hope you enjoyed my story ..❀️

Comment and like ❀️. That would make me feel much happier ❀️😒😭


Not Long ..Β 

Hey guys – today i talking about that I do not have long left until I move school I am moving on the 11th December ( my birthday is the 4th) 

So I have my birthday with my friends .. I guess ??…… 

I think I understand now why I need to move on – I need to FOGET the bad things that have happend in the past and move on – with school life well with life ❀️. 

I know it will be better for my education it will just feel a bit weirded to start with it’s just a new chapter in my life it’s not the end it’s literarily just the bigginning…

A little one of my favs quotes there ..πŸ˜‚ 

Here is some more which I love : 

  And : goodbyes are not forever it means I will see you again sometime.. ❀️

I really think I have changed my point of view on moving school , I’m more happy about it but still I am fighting the battle still though in one half of my heart – I just need to win.. For once just once … Please ❀️ 

Thx guys  

Xox ❀️ 

Live your life to thefullest – don’t give up – win that battle for you .. For me …. 

By guys …❀️ Molly β€οΈπŸ’™